How to Update TimThumb in OptimizePress Theme

I notice today that my Optimize Press blog thumbnails is not showing, so I remember what happened with TimThumb recently, it was a big issue and many blogs got hacked!

So I investigated the issue on my OptimizePress blog and I was right, my site was hacked and I need to update the TimThumb version to the newer and more secured one.

If this happened to your OptimizePress Theme blog, then you will probably need to update the TimThumb script, read below!

How to Update TimThumb in OptimizePress Theme

It’s pretty easy to update TimThumb in OptimizePress Theme manually, all what you have to do is to get the new TimThumb script from Google code.

Downlaod the timthumb.php file and FTP it to your OptimizePress folder.

It should be in this location on your server:


When you are done, refresh your blog, and see your thumbnail images on your OptimizePress blog, it’s back to work and your site is secured.

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  1. admin
    7 years ago

    I am not sure which version of timthumb is added to the latest OP version, so maybe this question should be forwarded to OP support, thanks.

  2. Hi,

    My site has been hacked too… My host solved the issue and I updated the file.

    My question is: “Should I and the readers I’ll recommend OptimizePress should update the file at each new installation or is it update included now?