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James Dyson

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On December 17, 2010
Last modified:July 26, 2013


OptimizePress theme for WordPress is considered one of the best Squeeze Pages creation tool on the web.

OptimizePress theme is really fun to play with, I’ve spent around 2 hours creating 7 Optimize Press squeeze pages examples to demonstrate what kind of squeeze pages you can customize using OptimizePress theme, it’s really amazing what you can achieve in a few minutes.

Check it out there on my demo page: OptimizePress Squeeze page examples

Or.. Click on the links below to open in a new window:

  1. OptimizePress Squeeze Page example 1
  2. OptimizePress Squeeze Page example 2
  3. OptimizePress Squeeze Page example 3
  4. OptimizePress Squeeze Page example 4
  5. OptimizePress Squeeze Page example 5
  6. OptimizePress Squeeze Page example 6
  7. OptimizePress Squeeze Page example 7

By checking these examples, you can see how much it’s easy to play with OptimizePress features to create amazing and professional looking squeeze pages in no time at all! OptimizePress has load of features and it dosn’t require any coding or programming skills , it’s all done by a few of clicks and ticking check boxes!

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  1. Hesham Zebida
    7 years ago

    You are right, there are many options for creating sales and squeeze pages, however you with some little effort create your own page style!

  2. Freddy
    7 years ago

    I completely skipped over the article and just went for the templates. It’s good to see you can customise your squeeze page templates.

    I see the sales page gives you 10 but you can then customise from these 10 squeeze page themes yes?

    Thanks Hesham

  3. Hesham Zebida
    7 years ago

    Hi Freddy, I think the provided examples are more than enough!

  4. Freddy
    7 years ago

    Would you be able to update this post with all squeeze page templates?

    If so I’ll buy OP through you!