Can I use OptimizePress to Sell Physical Products from Affiliate Networks

I’ve got a question from a reader asking if OptmizePress theme can be used to create sales pages for selling physical products or any other type of products from affiliate networks like Amazon, Commission Junction, ClickBank, E-Junkie and ShareaSale. Basically the question is pointing to selling products that you don’t own them (Your own products) and you don’t get paid directly to sell them.

So, let’s think about it for a minute, especially after OptimizePress theme new features that has been added since OptimizePress 1.2 came out like adding Blogging functionality to the theme which allows you to create a blog along with your sales page or landing page.

OptimizePress is developed to allow you create sales pages for your own products, but in my opinion it can be used by several ways to almost sell anything online. Some ideas will not even need any coding or customization work, some other ideas will need a little customization work, it all depends, so let’s think about 2 possible ideas:

  1. Sell one product by creating a mini site and sales page
  2. Sell more than one product

1- Sell one product by creating a mini site and sales page

Let’s say you are developing a mini site, there is a little customization work can be added to make this happen, so simply to create a mini site for one particular physical product, you will need to create a sales page, maybe add a video and some information along with a buy now button with a link to your affiliate id, this can be done amazingly by using one of OptimizePress templates and the right short code to create the button and link to your affiliate id for the product page at Amazon, Commission Junction, ClickBank, E-Junkie, ShareaSale, or any other affiliate network.

2- Sell more than one product

Here is where you will probably need extra customization for OptimizePress if you need special performance of your site, and mostly you will not need to create sales pages for each product as you really don’t need it, but of course you can do that simply by creating pages on your site, each sales page is dedicated to a particular product, so basically it depends on what you exactly need your site to do and how you want it to look like.

If you are planning to sell more than one product from an affiliate network, then the best way to do it is to list these products some how in a form of blog posts for example, OptimizePress will allow you to customize your blog posts for search engines, so each posts will be indexed by Google and it will be dedicated for selling a particular product, here also you can use short codes to create the buttons and link to your affiliate id for each product.

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